What is BeYou.BeFree movement?

Wealth | Love | Happiness


We are leaders, entrepreneurs, experts, professionals ... who care about our business, our careers, our relationships, our lives! We care about ourselves, our children, our friends, our clients, our colleagues, our community, the whole world. Each of us contributes to making the world a better place.



Movement ...

We aim to have everything: money, family, joy, health, energy, happiness, LIFE, freedom, without compromising our integrity.
We are authentic.
We play to win and, at the same time, we enjoy the game, following the right strategies.

Our movement includes the brave person in us who takes responsibility for where he is.

We are not victims of circumstances. We are not looking for excuses, we are not complaining. We don't just accept the good. There is greatness in each of us.


We understand that every challenge is an opportunity. We focus on what we want and act accordingly.

Because we can and deserve to live the life of our dreams!

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We communicate through the BYBF Facebook group and through the events we organize online and offline.

How brings the movement to life?

The vision of our founder

  • Better, more beautiful life, through the evolution of each of us individually and collectively
  • Transforming lives by changing our perspective, through increased awareness
  • Wide range of practical tools for our members, to use as they see fit
  • Sale of products and programs
  • Community, relationships, fun

Speakers’ Objectives

  • Awakening of many more people
  • Sharing one's own message with a receptive audience, eager to evolve
  • Promotion of own products
  • Own product sales and revenue generation
  • Positioning as top expert in their field

Join the BeYou BeFree movement

Better life through the evolution of each of us individually, and collectively
Transforming life by changing perspectives, through increased awareness
Wide range of practical tools so you can choose what makes most sense to you now
Community, relationships, fun

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