Ozana Giusca,


Going through bankruptcy with my business, as well as the peaks of success, I understood that there is a more to life than what most people had the chance to see.

Going through the pain of separation from my life partner after 12 years, the father of my child, I was forced to open up, to accept new perspectives and especially to go through a process of transformation.

I understood that, in fact, life is not about money, nor about having a partner to make you happy, but about the happiness that comes from within you!

Therefore, I am building the BeYou.BeFree movement.

Movement ...

We aim to have everything: money, family, joy, health, energy, happiness, LIFE, freedom, without compromising our integrity.
We are authentic.
We play to win and, at the same time, we enjoy the game, following the right strategies.

Our movement includes the brave person in us who takes responsibility for where he is.

We are not victims of circumstances. We are not looking for excuses, we are not complaining. We don't just accept the good. There is greatness in each of us.


We understand that every challenge is an opportunity. We focus on what we want and act accordingly.

Because we can and deserve to live the life of our dreams!

Join the movement!

We communicate through the Facebook group, which I invite you to join, and via the events we organize online and offline.

If you want to get what you want and look for solutions, watch this 5-minute video.

We all want something, we all have aspirations, we all have challenges. In one way or another we want to move from confusion to clarity, from questions to answers.

Is it possible to have everything we want?


Is There a Miraculous Recipe?

YES, but not the one you have been told to find...

If you want the truth, I invite you to watch this video.

Ozana Giusca, Founder of the BeYou.BeFree Movement

PS. If you want to know more about me, I invite you to my website.